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Clean Water
Brighter Futures

Bringing clean and safe drinking
water to rural communities in Fiji

Why is water so important?

Water and Health

Ensuring clean water is essential for disease prevention

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Water and Education

Access to clean water and sanitation improves educational outcomes

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Water and Its Challenges

Improved water access can break the cycle of challenges

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Water and Hunger

Healthy water accessibility is fundamental for ensuring food security


Make a difference
with your

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Your £50 monthly donation can give 10 people clean water every year.100% funds water projects.

Ways To Donate

Access to clean and healthy drinking water is a basic human right and a critical aspect of sustainable development. Save Our Fiji aims to change the water issues in rural communities of Fiji. With your support, we will be able to end the health-issue cycle mainly caused by water scarcity, and improve the health, economic prospects and most importantly, unequal access to healthy and safe drinking water in rural communities of Fiji. Join us in our mission to make a difference!


Stories Of People In Fiji

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As a woman living in Fiji, accessing clean and safe water was a constant challenge for me and my family. We faced several problems such as limited access to clean water sources, water scarcity, and unequal access. These issues not only impacted our health but also consumed a significant amount of our time and resources. However, thanks to the efforts of Save Our Fiji, we now have access to clean and safe water.

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