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To Donate

How You Can Make a Difference

Your support for Save Our Fiji can truly make a transformative impact in
addressing the critical issue of water access in vulnerable and rural communities
across Fiji. Through your generous donations and valuable partnerships, we can
implement sustainable solutions to ensure a future where safe and healthy drinking
water is accessible to all.

Choose an amount to give once

Your £50 monthly donation can give 10 people clean water every year. 100% funds water projects.

Donate to Transform Lives in Fiji

Your financial contributions play a pivotal role in our mission. Every donation directly contributes to the implementation of water infrastructure projects, providing tangible solutions in communities where access to clean water is a daily struggle. Your support enables us to invest in water purification systems, wells, and community education initiatives.

By joining hands with Save Our Fiji, you become an integral part of a movement striving to create a future where no community is left behind in the quest for clean and safe drinking water. Together, we can turn the tide on the water crisis and build
a healthier, more resilient Fiji.


Save Our Fiji is eager to collaborate with partners across various sectors,
including financial institutions and water service providers, to expand access to
affordable financing for water initiatives. Our vision extends beyond immediate
project implementation, focusing on creating sustainable mechanisms that ensure
long-term access to clean water in rural communities in Fiji.

Save Our Fiji is proud to announce our current partnership with Think Pacific.


Together, we are working towards our shared goal of providing access to clean and safe drinking water in rural areas of Fiji. Through this partnership, we aim to maximise our impact and reach even more communities in need. 

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Support Us

If your organisation is passionate about making a meaningful difference and shares our vision for a future where no community lacks access to clean water, we would love to explore partnership opportunities with you.


Together, we can create a world where the right to safe and healthy drinking water is a reality for all in Fiji. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can work together for positive change.

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